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Since our founding, Omni Patient Advocates has been a premier provider in Medical Marijuana certifications in Pennsylvania. When you choose to receive your care through one of our clinics, you’ll receive treatment from a highly trained, compassionate doctor that specializes in providing safe, affordable, and reliable access to those seeking a medical marijuana certification. Our goal is to be the standard of care for our patients. Our licensed doctors, caregivers and patient advocates are knowledgeable and well versed in the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Act and all medical marijuana laws. Thank you for allowing us to ensure your appointment and certification process is a simple and enjoyable experience!

Pretty sure the price of this would come down if they cut back on the packaging!💚 ... See MoreSee Less

Pretty sure the price of this would come down if they cut back on the packaging!💚


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Was just talking to one of the budtenders there about this .reduce the fancy packages so we can buy n sell products at better value

I really wish the wax was better priced. They have a couple grams for 60 or so, but not much variety there. Nobody wants to pay 120 for a gram in a syringe, or 50 dollars for half grams...

The entire industry across the country has adopted massive containers and packaging. At least make the plastic containers returnable/recycleable.

I just finished the sour blueberry by prime and it ‘‘twas amazing!

Yea specially using the same size container for the 1 gram size as the 3.5grams

I agree. The manufacturer I have to buy from has a syringe system that is wasteful but it's the only one with a really high THC content. I really don't like it.

Pkging is ridiculous

fo sho!

Gti and Cresco hv that down !


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FOX43 News looks into if marijuana should be a treatment option for Vets, tonight at 10.
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I'm soooooo proud of you Jessica

They messed this up, she is 17 months completely clean, in the Heroin world this is no small feat. So proud of this girl!

5 days ago

Omni Patient Advocates

Report: Marijuana on track to be legalized by the end of the year
The Democratic takeover of Congress could mean marijuana could be legalized by the end of the year. James Higdon, who wrote about the likelihood of federal legislation of marijuana for Politico, joins CBSN to discuss.
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Kathy Zak

Autumn Courtney

FOX43 talks to experts to see if marijuana can help cancer treatment, tonight at 10.
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